Use of VNC at TACC with Multi Factor Authentication

The introduction of two-factor / multi-factor authentication hasn't made it easier to use VNC at TACC.
  1. Start a VNC job. The Stampede Userguide mentions the batch file /share/doc/slurm/job.vnc submits to the vis queue; if you make your own personal copy you can use other queues too.
  2. This creates a file vncserver.out, which says something like: To connect via VNC client: SSH tunnel port 12044 to Then connect to localhost::12044
  3. Here is how you do that: make a file vnctunnel (see below), which you call as "vnctunnel 12044". It requires you to type your password and MFA.
  4. Now start your favourite VNC program, not connecting to stampede, but to your localhost, which uses the tunnel-to-stampede.

Pasted Graphic

Vnctunnel script (edit to put your name in it):


if [ $# -lt 1 ] ; then
echo "Usage: $0 portnumber"
exit 1

ssh -f -N -L $$1