Texas Test Problem Server

Texas Test Problem Server (TxTPS) is a service for linear algebra algorithm researchers. The aim is to supply researchers with a large variety of test problems for research in linear algebra and graph algorithms.

TxTPS is a new approach to finding test problems: rather than relying on a stored collection of test matrices, it uses a number of generators that can be invoked by the user. A generator is a program that runs to generate one or more test matrices in response to input parameters supplied through the web interface. With this approach, it becomes possible to generate matrices of identical structure but with varying numerical properties, or conversely a growing set of matrices based on the same numerical problem.

The TxTPS project was designed by Victor Eijkhout, backend programming by Carrie Arnold. Support by NSF through award CNS-0751144 is gratefully acknowledged.

Technical report: An On-demand Test Problem Server. With Bill Barth, James Kneeland,
Steve Mock, John Peterson.pdf file