Parallel Programming in MPI and OpenMP

by Victor Eijkhout

Theory chapters

1 Getting started with MPI

2 MPI topic: Functional parallelism

3 MPI topic: Collectives

4 MPI topic: Point-to-point

5 MPI topic: Data types

6 MPI topic: Communicators

7 MPI topic: Process management

8 MPI topic: One-sided communication

9 MPI topic: File I/O

10 MPI topic: Topologies

11 MPI topic: Shared memory

12 MPI leftover topics

13 MPI Reference

14 MPI Review

15 Getting started with OpenMP

16 OpenMP topic: Parallel regions

17 OpenMP topic: Loop parallelism

18 OpenMP topic: Work sharing

19 OpenMP topic: Controlling thread data

20 OpenMP topic: Reductions

21 OpenMP topic: Synchronization

22 OpenMP topic: Tasks

23 OpenMP topic: Affinity

24 OpenMP topic: Memory model

25 OpenMP topic: SIMD processing

26 OpenMP remaining topics

27 OpenMP Review

28 PETSc basics

29 PETSc objects

30 PETSc topics

31 Exploring computer architecture

32 Process and thread affinity

33 Hybrid computing

34 Random number generation

35 Parallel I/O

36 Support libraries










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